hi, i'm  scott.  i'd like to work with you.

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About Me

In 2001, I was offered a challenge. If I could turn my artistic creativity into web design ability in 3 weeks, I'd have a job. Starting with finding out what HTML stood for, I taught myself to design and build a website. One month later, we launched a custom website and online auction system.

Since then, I've worked in several design positions, for both online and print media. I've spent the past few year developing a freelance business, providing creative services to customers all over the US, in many different settings.

What I can do

I am proficient in all the Adobe Creative Suite programs, the Apple iLife programs, and a variety of other software applications. I am very familiar with multiple content management systems, and I constantly work to stay up to date with CSS, JavaScript, and other emerging web technologies.

I have extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization and Project Management, having worked alone and with teams up to 10-12 people. I have very good communication skills, I'm creative and passionate about what I do.